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Site finantat prin proiectul „Start-up Sud Muntenia”.



GPU rendering

  • GPU rendering 100,000 CUDA cores farm
  • 4x GTX 1080 Ti per server

More than that, following the identification of the needs of our clients from their discussions, the company decided to hire experts in the field of graphics and rendering, to complete projects for various clients. Already performing renderings in the last months with the help of the purchased graphic stations, we interacted with various clients, trying to understand as much as possible what they need, to offer personalized services.

rendering processor

CPU rendering

  • Scalable and fast CPU cloud rendering with 5,000 cores farm
  • 32 cores nodes with 64-256 GB RAM

We learned from experience that, in order to make a render with your personal laptop (in which you invested 1500$ – 1800$ on average), it takes a period of time of 4-6 hours. This period of time can increase exponentially, depending on the complexity of the rendered scenes (the level of detail, the number of objects in the scene, the type of textures and lights, etc.).


Secure business

Green Render is planning to create a business hub that will take your breath away, computers connected directly to the maine secure rendering farm, so that all of the power you need will be at your disposal.

rendering architectural services

Online platform

Green Render wants to help architectural developers and simple persons interact in a friendly zone and understand easier how the project will be seen.

new project rendering

Rendering farm

By interconnecting computers (graphical stations) in a private network and accessing them remotely through an online platform, Green Render makes processing power available to users everywere.

render time

Time is at the essence

Our company offers users the opportunity to save the most important resource in the economy (and the only one unrecoverable), TIME.

Rendering? What does rendering mean?

The rendering is a photograph resulting from the computerized processing of a 3D model, a model that will integrate all the details of the project. The result of this digital photography will be very close to reality. With the evolution of image processing technology, word rendering has become an increasingly common term in designers’ languages. In the architecture, the photorealistic images generated by the 3D models are used to represent the future constructions, so that the beneficiary has an exact idea of ​​what the final project will look like in reality.

Supported 3D Software

3ds_Max_ software rendering services

Autodesk 3DS MAX

Green Render is an Autodesk 3ds Max rendering farm-based entirely on new cloud technology. Get instant access to state-of-the-art computational systems and management systems through new cloud technology. We took care of all the complexity of time-consuming elements as well as the hardware maintenance tasks all to provide you with a simple but effective solution.
Our software uses Autodesk 3ds Max and connects you to the farm with a single click. Check the settings, gather assets, pack the project and upload it to the farm with extraordinary ease. Features such as automatic scene editing, asset synchronization, and support for external plugins make rendering a child’s play.
Some numerous companies and freelancers make architectural visualizations. Many of them do an exceptional job creating quality images. It is not easy to separate and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Their secret lies in their experience and ability to use creativity to convey the story in ways that please the eye, amaze and leave you with a sense of wonder.


Green Render is a cloud-based, automated V-ray system. It combines all the traditional components of render farms, such as hardware management and network configuration with new cloud technology. Allowing any V-ray user to integrate their software of choice with our back-end via the cloud, without requiring any complex configuration. V-Ray comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools you need to create professional, photoreal imagery and animation. Built to handle your biggest projects and your toughest scenes. Render anything and everything with V-Ray. Spend less time waiting and more time being creative. Deliver your best work and never miss a deadline. V-Ray puts you in the driver seat. You’re in control. With V-Ray’s versatile features, you can choose the best approach for your scene. Work the way you want – without interruption. V-Ray’s seamless integration keeps your workflow fluid and smooth. Independent artists and top studios choose V-Ray every day to create world-class designs and visual effects. Our software that seamlessly integrates with the 3DS Max and Maya interface connects you with a simple V-ray playback plugin. It does everything for you behind the scenes, so you can send and play a V-ray project with the ease of a simple one. click.

3d-max-vray-logo green render software

Who is Green Render?

Green Render is a company that offers rendering services as well as access to high processing power, cloud type (use of remote processing power). „Rendering is the process of retrieving digital information (volumes, textures, lights, etc.) introduced in a 3D modeling environment, programmable, and converting them into final images, visible as an image on a monitor or paper.” Also, following market prospecting and discussions with potential customers, the company decided to set up a business hub, thus offering a professional environment in which clients will be able to work in optimal conditions on their projects, while also using the computing power of graphic stations we have.

server rendering green render services

To achieve these most advanced performance EZ Render will consider:

  • permanent study of the technological equipment market (graphic stations, processors, video cards, etc.);
  • discussions with various equipment suppliers to keep up to date with the news in the field;
  • participation in exhibitions in the IT field;
  • constant investments in equipment for combating moral wear and tear;
  • setting up of the business hub (non-existent service on the rendering market) and raising awareness of the benefits of this type of service among clients (through free signatures offered to interested parties).

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